Why Foreplay Is Important Before Having Sex

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Making love should not just be about sex. If you are not practicing foreplay you are missing out on some of the best parts of lovemaking. Foreplay is the act that precedes sexual intercourse. To some, it does not seem that important, but it plays a vital role in the entire sexual experience. It ensures that both partners are fully aroused and helps in reaching orgasm. Here are some reasons why foreplay is necessary before having sex.

  1. It Enhances Arousal

Foreplay enhances arousal, and that is why it is essential for women to indulge in foreplay. It causes the erection of the clitoris which functions the same way as the penis. When the clit is erected, it makes it easy to achieve an orgasm. It also causes the vaginal area to be wet, which of course makes penetration to be easier and painless. Lack of vaginal wetness can not only cause painful sex but can lead to bleeding. So even if you are doing the act with an escort, strive to achieve vaginal lubrication.

  1. Instills Security

Research shows that a lack of foreplay may instill fear in some women. It makes them feel neglected and vulnerable. But when a man indulges in it, it makes the woman feel accepted and emotionally assured. Thus, they will them to truly open up and give it their all during intercourse. And she will be more willing to give you an amazing blowjob if you show her some amazing foreplay first. However, she can also go first, as many women get aroused by performing blowjobs and other foreplay.

  1. Sets the Right Mood

If at all you are going to enjoy the sex, you need to create that sexual mood. Soft lights, clean sheets, and aromatic candles may create a romantic ambiance, but you need foreplay to ensure that the right mood if fully created. As foreplay constitutes so many things, even undressing, it is essential that you do it right so that both of you are prepared for the act.

Whether you are having sex with your partner or an escort, it is essential that you start with foreplay. Many people may not see the importance of that, especially if the sex is with an escort. But if you are looking to enjoy the sexual intercourse, it is not advisable to jump in straight into the act. Ensure that you get the drive and the desire from practicing foreplay.

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